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Privacy policy

Updated 09.09.2020

Customer InformationArrow

Woxparts company places great value on the credibility of our customers. Our company therefore has a highly responsible and serious attitude to the protection and management of your personal information. The aim of this Privacy Policy is to provide detailed explanation on the following:
- Which information do we collect,
- How do we use your information
- What are your options in relation to your data usage and storing.

How do we collect your personal dataArrow

Woxparts group uses several ways of collecting user data:
- When you use our website
- When you enter your data on our website
- When you visit our branch
- When you make a purchase on our website
- When you call us
- When you apply to our technical support

Which information do we collect and whyArrow

Woxparts group website does not use personal data to verify the user's identity. You share your information/personal data with us when you are registered as our customer and you are making a purchase on your own behalf or if someone is making a purchase on your behalf and has a right to share your contact information. Here you can find the ways of processing your information and how long it will be stored by us.


5 years or based on the Applicable Accounting Standards / legislation

User registration

Until you ask us to delete your account

Purchasing Process

Until you ask us to delete your account

Sending our newsletter and special offers

Opt out

Phone Identification

Until you ask us to delete your or until purchased goods guarantee expires

CCTV for prevention and investigation of crimes

Three months or when the investigation had been completed

Linking website to your social networks and targeted advertisements

Until you withdraw your consent

Cookies are text files with small pieces of data which are being sent from the web server (i.e.
WoxParts company uses cookies to improve the website interface and  your Web browsing experience.
The advantage of using cookies is that depending on user choice cookie files are ‘memorizing’ you:
1) Strictly during your visit (the session information is deleted after you have closed browser)
2) Using permanent cookies which save user data until it is deleted by the user

Functional and analytical cookies files

are used:
1) To enable you to use services provided on our website
2) To enable us to improve the work of our website (i.e. increase the page loading speed etc. )
3) To prevent spam and misuse
4) To determine language preferences
5) To constantly improve the service of our website
6) To enable our website to remember your preferences (i.e. your location)
7) To remember the changes you have made (i.e. text size and fonts etc.)

If you opt out of using this type of cookie files we can not guarantee that you will be able to enjoy all functions.

Cookie files for digital integrity optimisation

Collect information about the ways website is used by its visitors in an aggregated way.
This technology helps us to improve and simplify your digital experience with us.

If you opt out of using this type of cookie files you will not be able to see special offers which were based on your behaviour on our website, as well as using specific website functions (i.e. save search requests, ability to stay authorised)

Marketing/Targeted cookie files

Are used to show advertisements when you use other websites
On our website they are placed by third-party advertising networks from our name and with our permission.
These cookie files do not cat as user identificators.

Information exchange and sharingArrow

Woxparts company does not cooperate with third parties in renting or selling any personal information of our clients.
When we can share your personal information
- In response to a court/legal process(court order or subpoena),
- In case, if such information is requested by law enforcement authorities,
- In case, if we see the basis to prevent/investigate illegal activities,
- by law request.
Our agents and subcontractors who deal with data analysis can have access to your personal information in order to fulfil services supplied by our company.
Therefore we disclose your data to marketing companies, IT support and service providers.

Your Data ProtectionArrow provides all safety measures to ensure safekeeping of your data, including but not limited to physical, technical and administrative safety measures.
Access to your personal data is given to data protection trained individuals and only the staff who are required to have access to your personal data to provide you with our company services.
Woxparts company is constantly updating its data security technologies ensuring end-to-end encryption during data transfer.
Our location is secured from data loss, theft and/or misuse by using company safety features. During data transfers uses SSL encryption to ensure data security.
We follow generally accepted standards of personal data security during the transmission and after its receipt, nevertheless none of the nowadays digital data Internet transfer methods or electronic storage method is 100% secure.
Should you require more information about the safety features used on our website you can contact us by e-mail [email protected].

Rights of our usersArrow

You have the right to know what actions we perform in relation to your data as well as the right to request us to process less of your data.

The rights of our users are explained as follows:
1) To know what data we hold and how do we process it,
2) Withdraw your consent on your data processing,
3) Change your contact information,
4) Request that only part of your personal information is processed,
5) Request the deletion of all your data we hold before the expiry date,
6) Withdraw permission to process any if your personal data.

If you have any questions we are always willing to provide you more information. You can send your enquiry to [email protected] to contact our technical support.

Non-Discrimination statementArrow is determined to value customer confidentiality and right to control your personal data usage. has a clear policy which prohibits any discrimination if customer decided to act according to the Privacy policy of Woxparts is intending to treat every customer equally regardless of their preferences to avail his own rights in accordance with this policy. Please contact us if you think that you have been receiving unfair prices, goods due to your data protection and confidentiality preferences.


All Data Protection policy updates wherever applicable will be displayed on this page.


If you have any questions in relation to your Data processing, please contact us.
We will provide you with all information in relation to your data usage by
Please contact us on [email protected].
Please provide as many details as possible.

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